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Please don't troll the Haskell beginners

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More than once I have seen Categories for the Working Mathematician recommended to beginners trying to learn Haskell. The rationale for this recommendation seems to be, if I may paraphrase, that

It is a truth universally acknowledged, a newb in possession of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler must be in want of category theory.

And that newb may as well go straight to the source and get the good stuff, amirite?

No, no, and no. That is horrible advice, tantamount to straight-up trolling.

Even if one were to stipulate that category theory is indeed a path to Haskell enlightenment (highly questionable), for most people the CFTWM book is very much not the place to start. The book's title says 'for the working mathematician'. The reader is assumed to be familiar with topology, abstract algebra, logic, functional analysis, etc. All sorts of mathematician stuff. Caveat lector.

Recommending CFTWM to the Haskell or FP beginner is like telling a kid who wants to learn to put up a web page to pick up a copy of Knuth's Art of Programming. Good luck with that.