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x + x = 2x

This post is the second in a series. The first is here. The plan for this post is to introduce just enough notation to define some functions in the Mathematica language, and then use Mathematica to solve a not-entirely-trivial problem. The central idiom in functional programming is applying a function f to an argument x. […]

The unknown functional language

Functional languages are experiencing something of a renaissance, or so I gather from reading reddit and the blogs. I have been known to dabble in lisp, erlang, and haskell. Each is beautiful language in its own way. But when I actually want to get something done, not just play, I turn to either python or […]

Euler 100

Euler Project problems can be addictive. This one gave me fits. If a box contains twenty-one coloured discs, composed of fifteen blue discs and six red discs, and two discs were taken at random, it can be seen that the probability of taking two blue discs, P(BB) = (15/21)×(14/20) = 1/2. The next such arrangement, […]